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The Majik Trap

Kinknik - Couples

Kinknik - Couples

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I know you have heard about Freaknik parties for the college kids but welcome to a Kinknik party for the Adults. Its like freaknik but freakier and kinkier lol. You will have to sign an NDA when you enter the building and check in. Phones will not be allowed in the vip room but we will have a photographer with an old school background near the entrance. The place is BYOB And smoker friendly and we will be providing catered food free of charge. The vip area will consist of a play area with play furniture and seating. There is a twerk contest with a cash prize and other Kinky competitions. You don’t want to miss this.


  Consent is a big part of making our parties safe and sexy! Consent is asking permission before touching. Sometimes consent needs to be asked if it’s ok to watch others too.  Now that you understand that and can agree lets go over some guidelines:

1. All Players must have most recent STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) screening before attending any play parties. Lets work together to create a fun sexy environment.
STI results can not be older than 3 month & must be submitted to admin. If you do not have one you can still come but it is your responsibility to reveal to any person you play with your status. We are not responsible for anything you may contract at this event. 

2. Dress down will be at 11. This means all kinky and sexual activities are more than welcome after this time. Let’s use the time before hand as a meet and greet. Get to know those before you play. This is a good time to ask people what do the want to do, what are they willing to do and what they absolutely WONT do.  

3. All forms must be signed and completed day of play party.
-Release & Privacy disclosure Agreement
-Client Rights & Responsibilities

4. No means No. If a condom is requested  put it on or move on. These are not negotionable.  

5. Group play saftey word is Orange. Ain’t no one got time to remember individual safety words. You hear the word “Orange”hands off and stop.  

6. Be open minded, ask lots of questions, and most importantly have fun. (Smoker friendly and BYOB)

7. No refunds. The ticket funds are used to promote and fund the party so please do not purchase a ticket if you do not plan on showing up. You can transfer them to another person if need be.

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