About Us

The Majik Trap was founded in November 2020 during the pandemic by Karii Jaye. Karii has been making manifestation candles for herself 4 years prior to starting her own business and the pandemic fueled her to follow her dreams of being an entrepreneur.
Here is an introduction from Karii herself! 
The Majik Trap is a metaphysical trap house that is changing the narrative of trap culture by healing the same community that started the culture. We sell metaphysical products such as ethically sourced smudging tools, hand-poured manifestation candles, 100s of tumbled crystals, authentic crystal jewelry at an affordable price so we can manifest the life that we deserve. Finding my ancestors started me on this journey of spirituality and helping others on this journey is my passion, I don’t mind doing it for the rest of my life. When I started this business there were no black-owned metaphysical shops in Nashville and certainly no affordable ones that catered to people of color and connecting with our roots while also circulating the local wealth. I’m just proud that my business is still flourishing even without a brick-and-mortar. I mostly do pop-up shops and events where I can help my customer figure out what works for them on their journey. My crystal jewelry collection is like no other in the city plus I’m the neighborhood crystal dealer!