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The Majik Trap

Fire Quartz Bracelet

Fire Quartz Bracelet

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Physically, Fire Quartz shows vivid flashes of red color caused by the presence of microscopic hematite particles.

Fire Quartz can help promote courage and strengthen the will during times of mental change or stress. Fire Quartz also has the ability to energize and stimulate one's energetic systems.

Fire Quartz is also said to balance and purify emotions and provide insights into your own personal power. Fire Quartz is associated with the root chakra, and has properties that bind fire elements together, such as passion, imagination, impulsiveness, desire, and vitality. Fire Quartz will help ground these qualities by providing courage, persistence, and strength. Fire Quartz is also associated with the sun, which will assist in bringing vitality to life's activities and stimulate courage and energy for one's projects.

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